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The Man Who Sued Guinness World Record For Giving Him An Award As “The Most Litigant In The World”

He is called the most litigant in the world, this young man had filed the first lawsuit against his mother.

In that lawsuit, he said, ‘his mother has not taken care of him well’ he also won this case and he got compensation of 20 thousand dollars ($20k). After winning this case, the young man filed a case against his friend, maestro, neighbour, relatives, fiance, police, judge, famous companies and even George Bush.

So far the number of cases filed by him in different courts has reached close to 2600.

In May 2009, Riches filed for an injunction against the Guinness Book of World Records, seeking to stop them from listing him as “the most litigious individual in the world”.

The “Lawsuit Zeus,” also known as “Johnny Sue-nami,” filed a lawsuit this week in federal court seeking an injunction to stop the Guinness Book of World Records from naming him as the person who has filed the most lawsuits in the history of mankind. Jonathan Lee Riches, aka Irving Picard, filed his latest legal fight this week in the Richland office of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington, although he is incarcerated in the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Ky.

Riches alleges that Guinness is planning to print false information about the number of lawsuits he has filed, which he says is more than 4,000 worldwide. And he objects to the names Guinness intends to call him, including: “The litigator crusader,” the “duke of lawsuits,” “Johnny Sue-nami,” “Sue-per-man” and the “Patrick Ewing of suing.”

“I’ve filed so many lawsuits with my pen and right hand that I got arthritis in my fingers, numbness in my wrists, crooked fingers,” he wrote – by hand – in the latest filing. “I flush out more lawsuits than a sewer.”

He has won close to eight million dollars ($8m) in damages and compensation in the cases so far.

After all this, he was called to a TV show where he was asked, “what is the reason that even after so much fame you are living alone and there is no one to love you?” at this, he started laughing and then got up from the TV show. After that, the young man also sued the TV channel for dishonouring him. He then received a compensation of fifty thousand dollars ($50k).

Source: world savages


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