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Okoeguale Not Guilty Of Any Crime, Says Media Team


EDO, Nigeria – The New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, gubernatorial front runner in the Edo State Governorship Election scheduled for later this year, Peter Okoeguale is not guilty of any crime whatsoever, so says his media team.

In a statement released and made available to this medium, Pius Osahon, Head of Media and Publicity, Peter Okoeguale Support Group, stated that the statement was timely, as those he described as ‘enemies of progress and uninformed mischief makers’, were out to tarnish the image of Peter Okoeguale.

According to him, it was important to set the records straight; hence, the release of the statement.

The statement reads in parts: “It has come to the knowledge of our dear party, the NNPP, and particularly we the Peter Okoeguale Support Group, that some enemies of progress and uninformed mischief makers’, are out to tarnish the image of Peter Okoeguale, a forerunner poised to clinch the party’s ticket for the upcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State.

“It is important at this point to set the records straight at this point, due to the crucial and sensitive nature of the alleged cyber crime in question. Let me use this medium to state categorically that the crime in question was never committed by Mr. Peter Okoeguale, and the subsequent conviction was not meted to him.

The passport was stolen and altered with another person’s face . The picture that  was also used by these miscellaneous  individuals was lifted from my Facebook the person  was actually the one responsible for the crime of fraud in question. Let’s not also forget that this said crime was committed over 21 years ago in 2003.”


“It should be noted that Mr. Peter Okoeguale’s international passport which was stolen then, he did not know about it at that point in time. When he discovered that his international passport had gone missing, he reported to the police that his passport had been stolen in transit and swore to an affidavit in a competent court of law.

“We have here attached copies of the the sworn affidavit and police report to that effect. It was only after the case of fraud had been established against him while he was in Nigeria and not in Europe at that time, that he realised that it was his passport that was used, . Thus, he realised that it was a case of mistaken identity, which I dare say, has perhaps come back to haunt him now.

“Attached is also a document issued by the UK Immigration Service (deportation revocation order), having cleared Mr. Peter Okoeguale and absolving him of any crime and criminality, having proven his innocence in the matter. So, we see no reason why some people would want to dig up a matter that doesn’t hold water in an attempt to tarnish the image of Peter Okoeguale. Okoeguale is not and never a fraudster.


“We ask that such people should simply focus on fair play and desist from dirty politics. Let them focus on issues that are germane to Edo people and governance, rather than embark on a fruitless attack on Okoeguale’s person. We equally enjoin all our supporters and well meaning Edo people to be calm and keep their eyes on the ball. Let them know that such distraction is usual at times like this. Mr. Peter Okoeguale remains committed to picking the party ticket during the primaries, and hopefully, by the grace of God, go on to cause an unprecedented upset by becoming the next governor of Edo State. God bless Edo State; God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”



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