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Obaseki, Ehanire Seek Increased Private Partnership To Improve Healthcare System

Hail ANPA for free medical outreach in Edo

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki and the Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire have called for more private sector involvement in achieving a strong and effective healthcare system that will guarantee delivery of quality and efficient healthcare services to citizens.

The duo made the call during a dinner organized for members of the Association of Nigeria Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) who are in Edo State on a one-week medical mission, providing specialised healthcare services to the people of Edo State.

During the medical mission, over 5,000 Edo residents benefitted from the free surgical intervention and treatments for heart, kidney, eye and other ailments.

Hailing the association for the free medical outreach, Obaseki said the mission has provided better healthcare for Edo people.

He said, “We have received the fundamental benefit of hope to Edo people as you gave renewed life to Edo people. You also engaged in capacity building as you interchanged skills and made your colleagues here locally improve their knowledge.  They have learned new ways of doing things. You have brought a new way of commitment and dedication to duty.

“You have fulfilled your call of service to humanity as the team restored lives during this mission by providing free medical service.”

The governor noted that the activities of ANPA in Edo State have helped the government rethink the issue of brain drain, adding, “You are in the position to help us tackle brain drain. This mission has been so helpful as I believe that we can do two missions per year. Your services to Edo people are invaluable to the healthcare regeneration of our state and country at large.”

He further stated, “To transform or reform any healthcare system in the world, we must focus on the people. It’s about the quality of human capacity and development. I am grateful to God that we have you. We need to organise ourselves to receive the value you are ready to give us.”

On his part, Ehanire has commended the collaboration between ANPA and the state government, noting, “Nigeria suffers from brain drains as the country’s medical personnel have left to practice abroad. It’s difficult to stop them despite several plans as it affects not only Nigeria but across the globe.”

He added, “I applaud the plan for telemedicine which has been experimented in America during the COVID-19 era with the help of technology which became very useful over there. Technology allows for virtual consultation between experts in the Diaspora and their patients here in Nigeria.

“We would like to institutionalize such a relationship to enable us share knowledge and skills and begin to develop the health sector here in Nigeria. We are waiting for the signature of the president to create the National Health Insurance Commission that will make health insurance mandatory for all Nigerians and increase the physical space for health.”


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