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NGO Advocates Rights Of Less-Privileged, Vulnerable Nigerian Women


THEREIIN, a non- profit international organisation established in 2022, which seeks to address issues of poverty eradication, creative research, social injustices, promotion and  protection of human rights of the less privileged, and in particular, the rights of the vulnerable groups and women, on Friday, May 27, launched the “Human Rights Initiative”.

The initiative aims to fight and protect the rights of the less-privileged and vulnerable women in Nigeria as express by Mr. John Chukwu, President and Founder of THEREIIN.

According to the founder, the initiative is in cooperation with some international bodies and groups which has been the strong a strong support system to this laudable initiative.

Expressing enthusiasm for this initiative, the President and Founder at THEREIIN, John Chukwu said, “I’ve experienced a lot growing up as a child, and that has motivated me to get devoted to supporting humanity, and coming up with the inclusion for all initiative, and here we are today launching the initiative of the inclusion of the vulnerable and the poor, and so far it has been a success.

“The name, ‘The Right Empowerment And Inclusion Initiative’, is a name extracted from the programme itself. There are lots of millions and thousands out there that are left behind, not knowing their rights, not being inclusive, being exempted from the society, rejected and neglected, and from this we were able to extract the name to make  people feel belonging, comfortable and help them fight for their deprived rights

“We’ve been. Into this for so long, we’ve been reaching out to thousands of people from diaspora, and tho time we decide to make it official and show ourselves to the world, and to establish the name on purpose of which the initiative was found.

“This organisations core area are divided into 3 parts, first, is the access to justice, access to social economic, public interest litigation and  fight for the neglected through advocacy and legal agencies.

“Secondly, Is Empowerment, formal and informal I.e the back to school campaign, skill acquisition and lots more.

“Third is the Creative Research, make in-depth research to know the cause of some gender violence, Rampant Ritual killings trends, social menace, social exclusion and lots more, we then put all these scripts together as documentary.

“With lots of supporters, donors, partners and volunteers I’m certain that THEREIIN would grow stronger and as well serve it purpose, this initiative has come to stay, and we as well intend reaching out to grassroots communities where this initiative’s he’ll is needed the most.

Chukwu further thanked those who has been supporting the organisation in one way or the other, and those who took out time to be part of the initiative’s success story.

He said ” So far we have so many donors but in Nigeria and in diaspora, and I so much appreciate them for their kind gesture and support to humanity, and to everyone who took out time to be here today, I say a very big thank you, it’s time for us to get started and I pray God see us through.”


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