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Insecurity: Lagos Police Extend Security Backup To All Prison Facilities     


In its bid to take proactive measures in averting possible jailbreaks within any of the prison facilities in Lagos State, authorities of the State Police Command, under the leadership of CP Sylvester Abiodun Alabi, have directed all Area Commands to give regular backing to the Nigerian Prison facilities in the State.               

Investigation revealed regular presence of operatives of the State Police Command around the three correctional facilities in kirkiri, as well as Ikoyi Correctional Facility. Upon enquiry over the regular surveillance by policemen, a top operative  told narrated that the move is to counter available intelligence reports about possible jailbreak which may occur in any of the prison facilities.

According to the source, the security backup is to boost the existing sister relationship between the Nigeria Prison Services and the Nigeria Police Force. Investigation further revealed that some hardened criminals, mainly kidnappers, who were recently moved to the Maximum Prison in Kirkiri, have heated up tensions inside the prison.

Among the criminals include the notorious kidnapper, Evans, who was sentenced to life imprisonment with two other members of his gang, recently.  It is believed that Evans controlled over 15 separate kidnap rings across the country, during his reign, and it is believed that majority of his men are still at large, hence, are capable of springing up any surprise.    

It would be recalled that during the Endsars protest, over 1,000 inmates were set free, after a major jailbreak occurred in one of the prison facilities in Benin, the Edo State capital.


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