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Chilean Employee Accidentally Gets Paid 330 Times His Salary, Resigns

A worker with a frozen food company in Chile, Cial, has become an instant millionaire after his employers accidentally paid him 330 times his salary.

Founded more than 50 years ago, Cial owns household brands including La Preferida, San Jorge and Winter.

It specialises in cold cuts and describes itself as a leader in the wholesale market.

The man quickly withdrew the money and never returned to work, leaving many people in the impoverished South American nation in shock.

The staff, according to reports, received a monthly salary of 500,000 pesos (N270,600) but erroneously got a bank alert of 165 million pesos (N91.2 million) as a May salary.

After the staff told his line manager what happened, he was advised to go to the bank the next day and return the money.

The man, who worked in the company’s Human Resources unit, sent a text message to his boss and promised to take the money to the bank later.

He, however, decided against returning the money to the bank and instead took off in flight.

All efforts by the company proved abortive until June 2 when he submitted his resignation letter through a lawyer.

The firm has now filed a suit against the former employee in a bid to recover the money.


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