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Bride Elopes One Week Before Wedding After Learning Sister’s Boyfriend’s Proposal Plans

A bride says she ended up eloping one week before her planned wedding, without telling their families, after learning her sister’s boyfriend planned to propose on the big day itself.

She claims she ended up infuriating her family after eloping one week before her planned wedding, not wanting her big day to be overshadowed by her sister’s boyfriend’s planned surprise proposal.

According to the newlywed woman, her parents had informed her of her sister’s boyfriend’s plans to propose at the wedding, and she wasn’t given any say in the matter at all.

The then bride-to-be informed her mum, who had paid for the wedding, that she would no longer be attending, instructing her to “just make it an engagement party instead.”

The bride then went on to inform her sister about her boyfriend’s intentions, and says she was “upset that I ruined her surprise”.

With their plans completely changed, the couple decided to tie the knot one week earlier than planned. They chose to keep this a secret from both her parents and sister but did invite along her friends, cousins, and favourite aunt.

Guests were asked to refrain from posting about the wedding on social media until the newlyweds were away on their honeymoon.

However, when things did come to light, the bride’s family responded with fury, and she says she’s received some “really ugly” online hate.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous woman claimed her mother is now “demanding compensation” after things unfortunately become rather heated between them.

The bride wrote: “I really tried my best to negotiate and compromise with my family and truly explain that this was hurting me.

“I have nothing against my sister and, to be honest, nothing against her getting engaged on my wedding, but the principle that it was made very clear to me that I had absolutely no opinion or say in what was going to happen on what supposed to be my special day was where I drew the line.”

She continued: “The wedding was dreamlike! In the back of my head, I was hurt the people who ‘loved’ me the most weren’t there, but I pushed that thought away and refused to let it ruin our day.

“My husband was amazing and promised to make me happy for the rest of my life and to make up for every heartbreak I’ve experienced in my past.

“My in-laws surprised us by upgrading our honeymoon to a five-star hotel. I tried to stay away from my phone but I was so curious to see my family’s reaction to my elopement a week earlier than planned – it was really ugly.”


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