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Verve Cardholders Enjoy Discounts at Addide, Ebeano Supermarkets

Since the beginning of April, Verve has been rewarding its cardholders through Verve Supersaver Promo. They have enjoyed a memorable shopping experience that has earned them cash savings from the ongoing promo.

It is delightful to know that entrepreneurs are not left out. One experience to reckon with is that of a young female entrepreneur, Kemi, who runs a lifestyle and clothier business in Marina, Lagos State.

She purchases lapel pins, ribbons and plastic hangars in bulk from Ebeano, her neighbourhood supermarket. In order to meet up with orders, she hires a tricycle to carry her items to her workshop every week.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to know that this young entrepreneur, constantly thinks of ways to increase her profit margin due to the rising cost of materials, as she made her way to Ebeano. On this calm day while listening to her radio, she heard of the Verve Supersaver Promo, which stated that customers will get 3.5 percent discount on any items purchased. You can only imagine how this went a long way in helping her business.

Furthermore, let’s highlight the benefits of this promo from Lola’s story, another entrepreneur who specialises in organising children’s events and birthday parties. Recently, she got a job to plan a 10-year birthday party and her go-to store is Addide supermarket as it affords her an array of party decorations and gifts to purchase from.

It was indeed an awesome day to be a Verve cardholder because as she entered Addide, she was reliably informed that as a Verve cardholder, she was entitled to 10 percent off items worth ₦5,000 and more.

Not only is Africa’s leading payment cards and digital tokens brand putting smiles on its customers faces with its partnership with Addide and Ebeano supermarkets, it is also rewarding new and existing customers through April 2022.

Hurry down quickly to any Addide or Ebeano supermarkets near you to enjoy this tantalising benefits. The promo is a testament to the fact that Verve is committed to providing rewarding experience and top-notch payment solutions to its customers.   


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