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US Minnesota Governor Declares August 13 As Igbo Day

Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota, United States of America, has proclaimed August 13 of every year to mark Igbo day.

The proclamation of Igbo Day was contained in document signed by the governor and the Secretary of State of Minnesota.

The proclamation document of Igbo Day states: “Whereas The Igbos are one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria; and whereas there are thousands of Igbo residents in Minnesota, some of whom have lived in the state for more than forty-five years; and…

“Whereas in 1985, Igbo Minnesotans formed the non profit organisation Umunne Cultural Association to unite and educate Igbo families and Minnesotans about Igbo culture, art, music and values; and…

“Whereas first IgboFest was held in 1994 to celebrate the rich heritage of the Igbos and to educate Minnesotans about Igbo culture, and whereas Igbos in Minnesota have been involved in causes such as education, the arts, volunteering in local local schools and organisations, book drives, COVID-19 vaccination, and cultural perfomamces at local and international festivals, and…

“Whereas Igbos in Minnesota are working to ensure the sustainability of Igbo culture by creating cultural awareness for the next generation.

“Now therefore, I Tim Walz, governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim August 13, 2022, Igbo Day.”


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