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Unveiling Our Breakthrough Heritage In The World – Bishop David Oyedepo, Presiding Bishop, Winners Chapel

Date: June 5, 2022

Service: Covenant Family Day Service

God‘s word is His manual for our profitable living. When our steps are ordered in His word, our future is secured. Psalm 128:1.

Lift your hands and ask God to open you up to His ways today. Let every siege over your family be over today. Let every siege over your biological lineage be over today. Show me the way out, show me the way forward, show me the way upward Jesus.

Lord Jesus, we all wait on You for a word from You. Let no one return disappointed. Let every heart be opened to receive Your sayings and let Your name be glorified. Let the unsaved in this service be saved today. Let the saved receive Your word and be established.

Lord visit every family represented here. Let every concern be turned into a testimony in the name of Jesus. So shall it be.

Again, the prophetic focus for the month is captioned WORD PRACTICE SECURES PROFITABLE LIVING. Deuteronomy 28:1-2. The blessings respond to your committed word practice. They shall come to you and overtake you. It covers all areas of human life up until verse 13. That’s how powerful word practice can be. Breakthrough unlimited.

Very quickly, we should always learn lessons from testimonies. This young man got a job given to him by God and through that job, he disconnected from God. God took the job from him because He wants his soul back. Came under some stress so he can come back to life.

 The future of every tree is tied to the roots. Any tree that is rootless has no future. The future of every branch is tied to remaining in the vine. A disconnect from the root is the death of the vine, a disconnect from the vine is the death of the branch. Please listen to me, there are many people that had heavy testimonies yesterday and today they are under trial. There is a disconnect between them and God. You better stop pulling your shoulders. You don’t beat the root, the root bears you.

His blessings have never been reversed till date. Every blessing I used to know got multiplied. Stay connected, you are not doing God a favour. He suffered pepper until he learnt his lesson.

 Romans 11:17-18. The future of every tree is in staying connected to the root. You don’t know your weakness until you disconnect. You dry up fast. The world will not fall when you dry up.

 Everybody needs this meekness, this humility. God doesn’t need you for anything, you need Him for everything. The root does not need the tree, it is the tree that needs the root. The olive does not need the branch, it is the branch that needs the olive. All these “I am not coming”, “I am too busy for God”; when you dry up, you will know that you need the root, the root does not need you.

I am afraid of this blessing era. Some have been blessed off into hell. I have prayed several times, Jesus whatever You put in my hand that won’t let Your hand reach me, please don’t let me have it. Whatever You will bring me into that won’t let me hear Your word, don’t bring me into it.

You better secure your soul. Stay connected. Psalm 128. When you are connected, it shall be well with thee not well with God, it is always well with God. Happy shalt thou be by walking in His ways.

–    This your eyes will not see evil again.

Very quickly this morning, we begin our series of teachings for our Sunday Services this month captioned UNVEILING OUR BREAKTHROUGH HERITAGE IN THE WORLD. Every child of God is redeemed as a breakthrough entity (Matthew 5:16), a pacesetter, a pathfinder, a trailblazer. You are the salt of the earth, one that will be sorted after by men and women of value. That is what redemption offers us.

The question is what are the details of this breakthrough heritage as contained in the word. Remember the word is God’s mirror that paints God’s picture of the redeemed. James 1:22. God’s word is the mirror of life that paints the picture of the redeemed in God’s view.

–    In the name of Jesus, these pictures will become great features of your life.

Our inheritance is locked up in the word and it is opened only by revelation. Acts 20:32. This book contains all of our inheritance in redemption. 2 Peter 1:3. Revelations are keys of the kingdom of heaven that allows us access to our heritage in Christ. Matthew 16:19. You can access any department of the storehouse of heaven with the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Luke 11:52. Revelation is key to accessing our inheritance in Christ.

However, while this inheritance is real we can only access and take delivery as far as our eyes can see. Genesis 13:14-15. Our inheritance is not accessible and can not be deliverable without being able to see it from His wordin

Some have never seen healing so they keep struggling with poverty. Some are yet to see prosperity in redemption so they keep wallowing in poverty. Some are yet to see peaceful, harmonious marriage heritage in Christ so they keep patching, managing and struggling. High temperature every day. As far as your eyes can see. Some don’t even believe in anything called a breakthrough.

When people were sick in those days, we thanked God that God will teach them the lesson they need to know. That was the level of revelation we had. When you buy a good car in those days, you are already in hell. Any car above beetle is unrighteous. Churches were meeting in primary school, hired halls without payments. Poverty sat on the Church because we could not see our prosperity heritage in redemption. We preached the poverty we know with every energy and passion. “Scarcely shall a rich man enter into the kingdom of God. How many want to enter into the kingdom of God? Beware of riches”.

One of our daughters was in Ife and a passionate preacher came to preach on suffering.  If we suffer for Him, then we shall reign with Him. Many want to offer their life for suffering? So they came out. That our daughter spent nine years of Masters.

Do you know suffering? They call it long suffering. You would have finished your PhD but you are suffering for Christ. It was when she was reviewing her life that she said that was when her trouble began.

Jeremiah 1:11-12. The brighter you see the faster He performs it. I, therefore, curse every siege of spiritual ignorance over anyone’s life.

(Church Gist)


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