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Traditional Head Treats Widows to Food Items, Cash Gifts


HRM Chika Nwokedi Okpoko 1, Ezendigbo of Ijegun community has invited widows from Ijedodo community, in Lagos State, while distributing food items and and cash gifts to them.

It will be recalled that on March 21, 2022, the traditional ruler equally hosted a number of widows from Ijegun and gave out cash gifts and food items as well.

According to the Eze, he will be doing this more often, due to his sacred belief in the significance of mothers, stating that he reverences them dearly. He added that as Eze of two interwoven communities, he will always do his best to see that the widows are well taken care of, stating that tribal sentiments will not be allowed in his palace.

He stressed that he will be extending this philanthropic gesture to a point of giving cash to empower the widows in their various businesses, as well as in assisting some in paying their children’s school fees.

As the patron of a social club, namely Atuaerie club of Nigeria, Eze Chika was also paid a courtesy visit by its members. This men’s club also contributed financially to further support the Eze to intensify his philanthropic gesture toward the widows and the less privileged.

Speaking with Nze “Amonyenego” aka Tigana, meaning ‘money is meant for everyone’, he told stated that the Atuaerie Club was paying a courtesy visit to the Igwe, due to the good things he was doing for the Igbos, and as such, they were delighted to be part of his philanthropic gestures to the widows and less privileged by assisting through the financial support rendered.

Nze emphasised that the Igwe is a selfless leader and a patron in Atuaerie Club. “He gives for others to be happy, and as such, he deserves all the support we ‘Atuaerie club’ can give and we’ll do that as often as possible,”

Mr Ibauchi Jonas, aka IBB, said the Atuaerie Club (an only men’s club) created 10 years ago, wa paying its first courtesy visit to the Igwe, upon his coronation as Ezendigbo of Ijegun Ijeododo Community.

He noted that the club also made the visit to assist the Igwe support the widows and less-privileged, while also attesting to the fact that Eze Chika is a good man. He further advised that the Eze should, as always, surround himself with good people, like minds and wisdom oriented individuals; those who will project his good will. Jonas prayed for the Igwe’s sustainability and wisdom to keep up with the good work he commenced.


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