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Sermon: The Mystery Of Vengeance

By BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO, Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church

Event: Special Prayer Mountain for Our Nation

Date: June 13, 2022

2 Chronicles 7:14. There is healing for Nigeria today. This sickness is not unto death but that the name of the Lord may be glorified. In God’s agenda, vengeance upon the wicked usually precedes the restoration of beauty and colour. When judgment is not executed on time, the heart of man is set to do evil until judgments come and stop them.

 If you want to have a plantation, the first thing is to root out the trees that will be offensive to your new plants. Clearing has a lot of costs. In the same vein, until the wicked are rooted out mourning, weeping, sorrowing continues.

When judgment is not executed speedily the heart of men is set in them to do evil so vengeance is God’s order of setting new order in any place. When the wicked rule, the people mourn. Isaiah 61:1-4. More often than not, mourning continues until vengeance sets in.

 Today, vengeance will answer for us as a nation. Our cry will reach out to heaven and heaven will reach out with speed. 

Luke 18:7.

The first time I saw a church leader with a cutlass on his neck and he was killed on video. No arrest made wicked government, evil government. A little girl was asked how she passed this exam, “Jesus helped me”. For saying that, they burnt her in this nation. They shall be burnt to ashes.

Though He bore long with them, the evil continued so judgment must stop it today. I have never seen wickedness displayed like under this wicked government. The most wicked this nation has ever experienced. Wicked from head to toe.

What made Elijah’s prayer reach out to heaven was passion. He prayed and fire fell. Fire must fall today. Let’s display the passion of Elijah as we pray. We are praying vengeance, we are praying restoration, we are praying advancement and revival of the Church. Don’t pray an absent-minded prayer, it is better you didn’t come at all. Set your focus with passion to stop this evil from continuing.

They are evil from head to toe. I have said it before. Prophetic ministries have a six-fold mission – Jeremiah 1:10. Whatever needs to come down must come down today. Whatever needs to be rooted must be rooted out today

Prayers: Lift your hands and receive fresh prayer fire. Today is today. The kingdom of darkness shall be shattered and scattered.

For instant answers to all of our prayers, give the Lord a big hand of praise. For the rescue of our nation from the hands of assailants, give the Lord a big hand of praise. The blood of the innocent that they have killed is crying out to God for vengeance and they shall be visited.

Lord Jesus, thank you again for the rescue of this nation through the prayers of the saints. Thank you for all praying saints across the length and breadth of this nation. Thank you for hearing us. Speak to us this morning, in Jesus name.

I will be speaking on THE MYSTERY OF VENGEANCE – a covenant platform for our continuous triumph over the battles of life. We serve a God of vengeance. Romans 12:19. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. It is one of my characteristics, it is in my DNA. You don’t spit on His face, He will repay. You don’t assault His bride – the Church, He will repay. You don’t kill His son and His daughter and go free. He will repay.

Psalm 94:1-7. Nebuchadnezzar walked into the bush as an act of vengeance of God on the proud. We are not praying into storage, show thyself today. Cause their breath to cease. Turn their brains upside down. Cursed be every Fulani bandit in Nigeria. We are not serving a dummy God, within 24 hours, He will show up. They went to Church and killed 50 people who came to church to worship.

–    Their generation perishes, both the agents and their sponsors. They have procured a curse on them and their lineage.

When God curses, it has a lifespan of four generations which means 400 years. They are not in your party, they are not campaigning, they came to worship. Do you think God will be quiet? There is no earthly father who will be quiet. I want them to hear now that judgment has come.

 It got Herod eaten up by worms on his throne. Right now as I am speaking, strange plagues are entering their systems.

 Anybody praying for the wicked is a spiritual dummy. Isaiah 48:22. There is no peace for the wicked, that is what God is saying so praying something against it is wasting your time. Isaiah 57:21. The peace of these men ceases today. The days of their tribulation start now. Jeremiah 1:10. We root out by curses. Mark 11:19. When He curses, the roots dry up.

The vengeance of God always precedes the breakthrough of His people. There is a rooting out, a pulling down, destruction and then comes the building and the planting. We are in a nation, people owned that they went to a church to kill and you couldn’t find them. When they found them, they said they didn’t find them.

There are those who are investing their stolen resources in tormenting the people. You will smell. We are not serving a dummy God. They arrest the Prelate of a Church. What kind of country? What kind of wicked rule is this? God sent me against you and I answered the call before I knew you.

 I saw this coming in 1992. I never knew it would be in this dimension. I shouted in 2015, I was a lone voice. Prophets don’t need any group to support them. The eyes of all those technocrats and all those political juggernauts have seen it now.

We serve a vengeance prone God, He repays every assault on His people. He does. For all the religious minds here, let me show you a mystery that will help your faith.

God curses. God cursed the earth for man’s sake. Genesis 8:21, 12:3. God curses, don’t mess up around Him. Zechariah 5:4. You don’t bless a thief, you curse him. “Oh God have mercy”. That will be real madness. Because God curses them, curses ooze out of you.

To pray for a robber who came to rob you, your brain is upside down. These are thieves who came to rob you. They will be out of existence, that is the meaning. God curses and His curse kills, all the plagues on Egypt came through the cursing God. He was releasing the curses one plague after another. Within days, they suffered.

God curses and we are created in His image, you should know what that means. We have a covering.

 The church of Christ is the blessed of the Lord. Acts 3:26. We are the blessed of the Lord. Numbers 23:8. You try to curse who God has not cursed, you are cursed from the root. Behold, I have received blessings from the root. Numbers 23:20.

Any effort to reverse God’s blessing brings you under His curse. Number 23:23.

You will never hear again that the Church is under attack in this country, let those demons go and try it. Except God has left heaven, they will dry up there. Don’t leave Goliath alone to be speaking, let the Davids arise and speak his end.

We serve a cursing God and we are His cursing children. Anything that mocks God is entitled to a curse.

Even children were mocking Elisha and he turned back and cursed them in the name of the Lord God. Bears came out of the wood and ate them up. 42 children were swallowed under the curse of the Lord. God curses. 2 Kings 2:23-24. You are mocking the Church of Jesus and you want to go free? Never!

This is just a prophet, talkless of the bride of Jesus and you want to go free? God curses. You better understand the other side of God and not toy with Him.

1 Samuel 2:6-10. It’s a prophetic word from Hannah. God brings people down to the grave when His anger is stirred.

Another mystery we need to know is that Jesus curses. Mark 11:14, 19. Anything that mocks is entitled to a curse. The mockery of the Church till date by these wicked men is entitled to a curse.

 Matthew 23:13-16, Jesus curses the array of Sadducees who were obstructing the gospel. Jesus began to woe them. Is woe a blessing? When you see me teaching along that line, I am drawing from any original spiritual DNA.

As a prophet sent by God, I say woe unto these killers. Woe unto their sponsors. Woe unto their agents. Every true prophet births several sons of the prophet so you can’t stop their ministry, it continues. There are lions and lionesses here. To beg you? Never! David never begged Goliath, he brought him down and out.

Matthew 21:42-44. This is the day. This stone has arisen to fall upon the head of the wicked and they shall be ground into powder. That is Jesus’ scriptures.

Now the Holy Ghost is an unrepentant judge. Matthew 12:30-31. You can’t repent of it. When the Holy Ghost rises against you, you are finished.

Everything that is working at scattering the Church, just watch out. You are rising against the move of the Holy Spirit, you are finishing your life. Not one of them will go to heaven. The room of repentance is blocked. It was too late for Esau so it is too late for these individuals.

You hold innocent children in custody all in the name of kidnapping and harassing the nation? You will never go free. That is the Holy Ghost. Ananias lied about his own property and He killed Him, talk less of all the people who came from outside and invaded the Church. Acts 5:1-5.

John 16:7-11. He judged Elymas the sorcerer and struck him with blindness on the spot. Acts 13:10-11. That season never ended, there was no time he saw again and he went blind on the spot.

The Deputy saw this and believed. Anyone obstructing people from being saved is struck blind. Those are acts of the Holy Ghost. Acts 12:21-23. Many will die mysterious deaths.

They will be smelling while they are still breathing. Everything in the Acts of the Apostles is the Acts of the Holy Ghost. Isaiah 59:19. His mission is to humiliate every uprising against the Church of Christ. Please keep praying extensively in tongues for this nation.

How does that apply to us? Isaiah 54:14-17. Every tongue that rises against thee you shall condemn not I will condemn. I am sending you to curse whatever wants to bring you under oppression. Psalm 81:10-14. As we open our mouths wide making our boast in God, He turns His hand against our adversaries. You better wake up. Don’t let sickness overrun your life, don’t let nightmares destroy your rest. Rise and condemn the source.

–    You will see the hand of God in this country. We shall see it in the name of Jesus.

Luke 21:15. We are not serving a dummy God, we serve the living God. Isaiah 52:1-2. Come awake, get out of that spiritual slumber. ‘Lord let your will be done ‘ you don’t know the will of God to curse all that curses you. Enough! Enough!!

That venomous viper took hold of Saul’s hand and wrapped itself around him. Acts 28:5. He shook it off into the fire. It is time to wake up and shake the hands of the beast from your life.

One million demons making incantations for them cannot cancel the word of God. This word lives and abides forever. Thank God for victory.

Jesus cursed the tree today, they couldn’t find it tomorrow. Between now and 24 hours, God will show up. Ecclesiastes 8:11. God said this and He watches over His word to perform it. This execution will be speedy.

 Luke 18:7-8. He is a God of speedy vengeance. The insult on the Church is enough, the assault on the innocent citizens is enough. He will avenge us speedily in Nigeria. So let them start planning where to run to. Fire has come, fire is here! That’s the mystery of vengeance in the kingdom.

Isaiah 61:2. There was no judgment executed in all the gospels but vengeance began as soon as the Church began because of the avowed enemies of the Church.

Vengeance opened the chapter for the latter rain. It began at the spark of redemption in the Upper Room. Mourning will not end until vengeance shows up.

Vengeance is what terminates the weeping and mourning of people. Isaiah 61:3. Everything cursing heaviness to people is entitled to vengeance. Many children are out of school, nothing to pay to get them to school.

We saw some folks in Covenant that we had to pay to help them graduate. 30,000 First Class graduates can’t get the money to pay under this wicked government. Selfish and self-centred government.

What a fight against corruption, you were all deceived. You can’t be in corruption and fight corruption. The most corrupt regime in the history of Nigeria.

 You heard of the auditor general 80 billion, all they need to get the universities up and running is less than 80 billion. Are they interested? Their children are not there. God has risen, and the land shall be liberated. The nation shall be rescued in the name of Jesus.

After we have prayed, it is our declaration that determines manifestation. Mark 11:23. What you don’t want you don’t watch. What you don’t resist has a right to remain. We are going to make declarations concerning our nation Nigeria.

Declarations over Nigeria

–    The reign of terror is over in Nigeria!

–    The reign of oppression is over in Nigeria!

–    The reign of insecurity is over in Nigeria!

–    The reign of wickedness is over in Nigeria!

Declarations Over The Church In Nigeria

–    The Church of Christ is indestructible. Anyone that attempts, it shall be grounded to powder.

–     The Church of Christ in Nigeria is unstoppable; anyone that stands in the way shall dry up from the roots.

–    The Church of  Christ in Nigeria is unmolestable.  He that touches the church, touches the apple of God’s eyes and must be ready to see God’s red eyes.

Declarations concerning the peace and prosperity of Nigeria

–    The peace of God shall continue to reign in Nigeria!

–    There shall be no more bloodshed in this nation!

–    Hypocrites shall no longer reign in Nigeria!

–    Nigeria shall not be destroyed!

–    We shall not see war in Nigeria!

–    The destiny of our great nation, Nigeria, shall be gloriously restored!


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