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Sermon: ‘Preservation Wisdom’ (Part Two) by Dr. Pastor Paul Eneche, Senior Pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja

Programme: Preservation and Power Communion Service

Date: June 8, 2022

Vision and dreams shared with the wrong people provokes bitterness, envy and competitive jealousy. When you give the vision to the wrong people, even those who don’t know what is in your heart, want to die because of where you are, talk more of those who know. 

When this sanctuary was built, some people almost died of convulsion. They lost sleep, not knowing that we haven’t started. Let me tell you, it is not every victory you share with people. I am not saying in terms of testimony and sharing before the congregation and before God. I am talking of people, that you are always telling, “Let me tell you what God is currently doing in my life.” There are people you talk to, if they were not witches before, they can turn into witches.

You know, matured bitterness is what is called witchcraft? Grown up bitterness, bitterness that has graduated from Harvard. Listen, I am old enough to know of people who are bitter from childhood, until they became witches, confirmed witches. That is, the devil of witchcraft located them, that this one has enough hatred to be a witch.

Somebody met me yesterday and he said, he gave accommodation to somebody when he was doing internship and the person was posted, the person slept with him overnight and then, the next day the person told him; “Don’t be afraid ooo, I just want to let you know that I am a wizard.” That is Youth Corper oooo. That is somebody that you saw on the road, you wanted to help, by the time he slept with you on the same bed, the next day, he said, “Don’t be afraid, just to let you know I am a wizard.”

So, you don’t know which wizard is wearing suit. He was a young graduate that just finished university. To confirm his witchcraft, he rehearsed the life’s man to him. That was how the man became afraid; “What can I do?” He said, “Bring some things, let me do something and the man agreed.”

When the man saw how powerful he was, he told him; “Me too, I want to become a wizard.” So this wizard boy contacted his father, who is the master wizard. So, the man x-rayed the guy and said, “No, his heart is too soft for witchcraft. He is too kind for witchcraft, this type can’t be recruited.” That is, I want to be a wizard.

Response: We cannot admit you. You are not wicked enough.

That is, if you want to apply for witchcraft, number one criteria qualification is wickedness that has matured.

– You will never sleep with wizard and if ever wizard find their road, the fire that will burn them around you, they will confess not to intimidate you, but they will confess for repentance!

Do you know what Delilah was looking for in  Judges 16:6, 15-20? So that, when they can access your secrets, they can destroy your immunity: “Just tell me, what is your secrets, if I want to finish you, what should I do?”

 Your secret is key to your security and safety. And Samson told her his secret. Samson started by telling lies, but when she pressed him with words (Judges 16:15-21), he told her all his heart and secret. Say after me,

“Not everybody is qualified for the secrets and visions and dreams of my life; not everybody is qualified.”

Many of us have invited unnecessary attacks because we talk too much. Some people, some girls, their relationships spoilt because of who they talk to: “That man is the one you want to marry? Men finished from this world?” She will talk to you like that and then, go behind and meet the man: “Do you know the girl you want to marry at all? Do you know her? I don’t think you know her.” Head jam head. The man says, “No, this girl?” He begins to go back Nicodemusly; “Have you eaten today? Should I make something for you?” Or you have not heard that somebody’s best friend marries the man she was meant to marry? How did that happen? It is called witchcraft chemistry.

 Don’t cast your pearls before the swine. Not everywhere you find yourself, you talk and not every time people are talking you have to say anything.


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