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Primate Ayodele Releases Fresh Prophecies For 13 African Countries

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has released fresh prophecies for 13 African countries that includes Ghana, Mali, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, and several others.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele revealed what will be the fate of the countries in the coming days.

For Ghana, he made it known that the citizens will protest against the government and that the present party will not win the next election.

” Ghana citizens will protest against the government of Ghana, they will not vote for the party in the coming election, if Mahama contest now, he will win because the people are tired of this party.Let us pray against kidnapping, herdsmen attack in Ghana, the economy will become one of the worse in Africa. There will be total insecurity which will disqualify the present government.”

in Ivory coast, he noted that the current government will not be voted for again.

” The present government in Ivory coast will not be voted for again, the people will go on rampage against the activities of the present government. let them be very careful because this present administration will disappoint a lot of people, there will be confusion in the ruling party. People will start cursing the government because of different laws”

In Zimbabwe, he said the coming election will be full of fraud because it will not be free and fair

” The coming election in Zambabwe will be full of fraud, It will not be free and fair, the opposition will not get it. The election will not be democratic enough.”

In Uganda, the man of God said they will be faced with tough time as the president will face tough time.

” In Uganda, it will be a tough time, let them be careful because the military formation will be misinformed. Museveni will face challenges, let them pray against bomb blast, unexpected death, attacking of government parasatals. There will be disorganization in the country. Let them pray against attack in the borders.”

In Sudan, the man of God revealed that he doesn’t see peace in the country till democracy is in order.

” There will be no peace in Sudan until their democracy is in order, there will be problems and counter problems in the country”

In Libya, Primate Ayodele stated that there will be serious crisis in the country. He urged the the United Nations to intervene. He also said there will be constitutional issues that will affect the election date.

” There will be serious crisis in Libya. The UN should intercede so it won’t escalate, Libya needs prayers at this moment. The election in Libya will be dragging because of power tussle and let us pray against attack on their oil facility. There will be constitutional problems. If care isn’t taken, Libya democracy will still be stagnant”

In Somalia, Primate Ayodele revealed that the president will face Assassination attempt and that there will be a serious bomb scare that will consume a lot of people.

“The president of Somalia must be careful so he won’t be assassinated, there will be crisis and let them pray against a major bomb scare that will consume so many lives. People will fight against the government for not conducting election at the appropriate time”

In Haiti, Primate Ayodele stated revealed that there are plans to kill the president.

“There will be major bomb blast in Haiti that will affect government building, they want to assassinate the president again. The country will be confused because there will be a major rebel trouble that will be happening in Haiti”

In Kenya, the man of God warned Raila Odinga to be careful of a last minute change that may truncate his vision.

” Raila Odinga should be careful of last minute change. If he isn’t careful, a last minute change may truncate his vision unexpectedly, let them pray against rowdiness and attack in Kenya. They should also watch against security breach.”

In Burkina Faso, he made it known that the Junta will not vacate the seat as agreed.

In Burkina Faso, he made it known that the Junta will not vacate the seat as agreed.

” The junta in Burkina Faso will not vacate the seat at the appropriate time and there will be crisis.”

In Mali, the man of God noted that he foresees another crisis that will upturn the present transitional government and affect the process.

“Another crisis will upturn the present transition in Mali, 18-month is not realistic and the country will face a major sanction, the leader should watch out for his health”

Speaking further, Primate Ayodele sent prophetic messages to Chad, Sri Lanka, ECOWAS, and African development bank.

“There will be a major attack on Sri Lanka, I don’t see peace in the country at this moment, there will be problems and confusion in the country”

“The rebels in Chad will not concur, they will still strike Chad, and terrorist is much around to bring confusion in the country.”

“Let us pray not to lose any ECOWAS official. The commission will face challenges, I see them building bridges among African nations, they will work on free trade zone among African nations.”

“AFDB will help a lot of African nation and they will want to bring development, So many African nations will run into recession and hardship, AFDB will be worried about the rate of hardship in the continent and in the process of providing solution, some African countries will go on mortgage, they will mortgage their economy.”

“Let us pray against climatic problems that will cause major issues in Africa and Europe, it will affect so many things in Africa, let us pray against death of a one-time president in Africa, assassination of a current president.”


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