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OMAA, Anambra’s Second Automobile Plant Setting Pace With Gas-Powered Buses In Nigeria


Anambra will soon join the league of the most industrialised states in Nigeria, as a lot of industries have continued to show interest in having their investments in the state.

Many are not aware that Anambra has a second automobile plant located at Igbo Ukwu.

The plant initiated the first dual fuel natural gas-powered range of buses in the state.

OMAA range of buses are built in such a way that they can be used for passenger school shuttle or for commercial transportation, cargo vans for moving farm produce, ambulances for critical life care, logistics van for the burgeoning e-commerce, utility vehicles, and for various needs of SMEs both small, large or multinationals, corporate and government agencies.

Recently, Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), placed order for about 2,322 Made-in-Nigeria Gas Powered Buses from OMAA MOTORS. Zamfara State had equally bought 200 buses from the new plant.

According to the Managing Director of OMAA, Chinedu Oguegbu, “OMAA has started a trend that will revolutionise not just the transportation industry, but the energy industry in Africa, by transforming the way we utilise the abundant energy resources available to us, namely natural gas.

“We have hundreds of technical partners to ensure we introduce world class products, but everything here was executed by local home-grown talents.

“Our vehicles are adapted to Nigerian roads, rugged and can withstand any rough terrain. And most importantly, it runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) that is also available in Nigeria and several times better when compared with others.”

On what the future holds, he said the commencement of us OMAA gas-powered buses assembly in Anambra State as an economic flywheel that is very critical, as well as an enabler in the value chain because that is the way to spur growth as the continent industrialises, creating jobs, supporting local supply chain.


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