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NDLEA To Crack Down On Cartel Of Dispatch Riders


The Lagos State Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Commander Alumona Callys, has urged drug traffickers in the state to halt their activities while they still have the chance.

Speaking to Newsmen on the occasion of this year’s International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Alumona promised to crack down on a cartel of dispatch riders who were involved in the distribution of drugs throughout the State.

Alumona urged pharmacists to dispense controlled substances in accordance with doctors’ prescriptions in light of this year’s theme, “Addressing drug issues in health and humanitarian disaster.”

In his words: “Displaced persons, in camps are victims, as their environment renders them prone to abuse of all kinds, especially drugs. Suffice to say that the National Drug Control Master Plan (NDCMP) 2021-2025 made provisions supporting the Theme in its 3 Strategic Pillars, Strategic Pillar 3, clearly addressed, the problem of availability of Controlled Medicine for genuine patients and its severe impact on health and wellness thus:- Increase availability, accessibility and affordability. Rational use of Controlled Medicines.

“Preventing diversion of Controlled Medicines. Strengthening health systems for availability, accessibility an affordability. It is worthy to note therefore, that the Chairman Chief Executive Officer, Brig. Gen. MB Marwa (Rtd) is on course in the War Against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking”

In order to combat drug usage in Nigeria, he utilized the opportunity to appeal for cooperation with key government institutions.

NDLEA Lagos State Command has keyed into the vision of the CCEO to destabilize the Drug Cartels by seizing their drugs, prosecuting and jailing them as well as seizing their assets.

“It is in this spirit that upon my resumption as the State Commander in November 2021, concerted effort was made to track down Barons, seize the illicit drugs, confiscate their assets and prosecute accordingly”

“From December 2021 till date, the Command has seized 57,330.573kg of assorted hard drugs and Psychotropic substance and arrested 336 suspects”

“Fifty six (56) convictions were equally secured within the period under review” Alumona stated

“In the area of Drug Demand Reduction effort, I am glad to inform you that the Command gave brief intervention and counseled Ninety-seven (97) drug users

transferred from the Supply Reduction (Investigation Department) unit,

“We have paid Advocacy visits to prominent Traditional Rulers, Religious leaders, Critical stake holders, Schools; Churches, Transport Workers, Mosques, to name but a few. The message, to avoid Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is always propagated”.

“Our CCEO in his proactive characteristics noted that the aggressive Supply Reduction effort of the Agency must be balanced with an equal aggressive Advocacy and Sensitization on Drug Demand Reduction effort It is to this end that he prompted the official launching of War Against Drug Abuse (WADA) by the President and Commander-in-chief, of the Armed forces President Muhammadu Buhari” he added.

The aim of this WADA is to bring to the Knowledge of all Nigerians, the Dangers inherent in Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. It is to be launched in all the States, Local Government Areas, Communities, and Families to bring it to the grassroots for proper education and understanding, of the dire consequences associated with Drug Abuse and or Illicit Trafficking”

In addition the Commander noted that his Command has commenced plans to launch WADA in Lagos State to carry the message to home, as we partner with Lagos State Government and critical stake holders.”


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