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Muslim-Muslim Ticket: PFN Vows To Mobilise Christians, Demands Fairness And Equity

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has warned the ruling All Progressives Congress against going for a Muslim-Muslim ticket ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

It said that if the party does not listen to the Church, it would mobilise its members against the party on Election Day.

PFN National President, Wale Oke, who gave the warning in Lagos on Thursday, while declaring Sunday, June 26, 2022, as a PVC Day in all its churches nationwide, however, noted that it was not against Muslim-Muslim ticket on the grounds of religion but on the basis of fairness and equity.

According to Oke, church members will be mandated to show their PVCs before entering the church and those without PVCs will be directed to go out and get theirs before the deadline.

He also warned that the 2023 election would make or mar Nigeria, adding that if things were done properly, it would unite Nigeria across ethnic and religious lines.

“A Christian-Christian and Muslim-Muslim ticket will not work for Nigeria. Muslim-Muslim ticket is unfair, it means over 54 percent of the Christian populace will be marginalised.

“If all that the church has said and a party did not listen to our counsel, they will meet us at the poll. We will be waiting for them,” he warned.

“The voters’ apathy that has been the issue will not count in this election. After PVC Sunday, we will deliberate and provide a clear direction for the church in collaboration with CAN so that we can deliver block votes to a candidate that will unite this nation, a party that will not encourage the killing of Deborah.

“We will give all parties a fair chance. We are setting up a high-powered member committee to meet with all parties on how they will deal with insecurity and others.

“We want a just nation that caters for all its citizens – no matter the religion; we encourage all believers to register and get their PVCs and wait for the instruction,” he added

(Church Gist)


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