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Man’s Family Won’t Visit As His Haunted 119-Year-Old Doll ‘Blinks And Makes Them Sick’

Miki York, from Northampton, bought 119-year-old Janet from a woman who passed away in Texas – with their family paying to send the doll to the UK as they were scared of her.

The owner of a 119-year-old haunted doll claims his family and friends won’t visit – as she gives them chest pains and blinks at guests.

Miki York, from Northampton, has to lock Janet the doll away in his shed due to her giving his friends and family chest pains.

The doll, which was owned by a woman in Texas until she passed away in 2016, was so intimidating to her family they were prepared to do anything to get rid of her – which meant even paying for her to be removed.

In 2016, the 42-year-old decided to take ownership of Janet and Miki, who was initially very excited because the family in Texas paid for her to be sent over to the UK, saw it was a sign of their eagerness to get rid of the doll.

And now Miki sometimes has to pick between the doll or his family as he admitted to The Metro : “She is definitely not welcome by my family.

“Since having her a lot has happened. There has been a moment when Janet has been captured blinking on camera, even though she doesn’t actually have any eyes.

“I have also had friends around Janet who have had to walk away because they’ve started feeling chest pains and feeling sick.

Often Miki will find Janet on the floor which he believes isn’t an accident.

Miki York, from Northampton, is a carer and paranormal investigator.

“When I am working with Janet, I even feel sick. She is not well-liked and people hate her.”

He admitted: “‘I knew there must be something serious about her because the family didn’t want any money for her and even paid to get it sent over to the UK.

“They really wanted rid of her. She had no name when I first got her. I discovered that her name was Janet through a spirit box session.

“I asked for her name and the spirit that is attached to the doll told me that her name was Janet.”

The doll, according to Miki, inexplicably throws herself off his office display each time he walks in – as he finds her there lying on the floor helpless.

He said: “‘I decided to bring Janet out just to see what would happen and since she has been on display in my office, I regularly walk in to find her on the floor and there is no way that she could have fallen off.”

“I am trying to communicate with Janet through a spirit box to find out why she is constantly jumping off the shelf.

“I’ve had Janet since 2016 and usually she is kept locked away because she brings such bad feelings to people when they are around her.

Janet has to be locked away in his shed due to her spooking everyone.

Janet has once sworn at Miki – she even has teeth – but that doesn’t put off him spending time with the doll.

He admitted: “I got into paranormal investigating after seeing about it on television shows. I wanted to see if it was real so I went down to my local cemetery to try it out and I’ve never looked back.

“I can’t wait to see what other experiences I have with Janet in the future.”


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