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Maguire Undergoes Bashing From United Fans

Harry Maguire has continued to receive criticism after Manchester United were humiliated in a 4-0 romp by Liverpool at Anfield.

United, without Ronaldo, fell to the firepower of Liverpool, which outclassed the Red Devils in all areas.

Though the game had the likes of Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic in midfield and Phil Jones and Victor Lindelof in defence for Manchester United, captain Maguire has been singled out for intense critique by United fans.

Maguire reacting to fans’ criticism on Football Daily TV, stated that he features for the team in every game because he is good at what he does. He added that there is a reason why he has always been selected by the club manager.

“I wouldn’t be playing every game for Manchester United in the starting 11 if I’d been playing bad every game or not playing well enough. There’s a reason why both managers have put me in the starting 11 every game,” he said.
Angered by Maguire’s response, fans have continued to lampoon the United captain, calling him all sorts of names on Twitter.

Fred Royer, describing the response of Maguire as worse to assume he was good, noted that the reason the player features for United in every game is that the people who spent huge funds to bring him to the club would want to see him play.

He said, “Here’s why the first manager spent a lot of money on you, and now the people that spent the said money are telling the managers you need to play Maguire cause he’s the captain and we spent a lot of money on him. If he thinks he’s playing well the problem is even worse than we thought.”

@ManchesterUnitedMedia said that for Maguire to have opined that he was good is scary.
He said, “it is worse than I initially thought. It’s very knowing that he has been telling himself that.”

David Farier reacted that Maguire felt no sign of remorse in his statement, which according to him, the United captain would say, “I have had so many bad games this season but I’m working to try to improve my level.

Manchester United occupy the sixth position, three points less than Arsenal’s and Tottenham’s in 5th and 4th, continues its struggle for the Champions League spot. On Saturday, with the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, United were yet again, humiliated by Arsenal at the Emirates by 3-1, with Ronaldo getting his 100th Premier League goal.


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