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‘Lionhearted’ Biker, Adeyanju, Receives Heroic Welcome As He Arrives Lagos From London

Kunle Adeyanju, a Nigerian adventurer, has received a heroic welcome after completing his bike trip from London to Lagos.

Adeyanju took off on his power bike from London on April 19, 2022 and arrived Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria today.

Adeyanju before he left London

According to him, the objective of the ride is to raise funds to fight against polio.

Announcing on his Twitter handle before the trip, Adeyanju noted that trip will cover 12,000 kilometres and pass through 14 countries including France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Lagos.

Adeyanju at the Ministry of Health in Lome, Togo
At the Nigerian Embassy Consul in Benin

Nigerians have followed Adeyanju on his trip via his regular updates on his Twitter handle. He revealed the various treatments  he received from different African countries, saying his experience in Mauritania was the worst.

In Senegal

However, he still admits that Africa is a beautiful continent and should be experienced by others.  He tweeted: “I have decided to launch the hashtag #THINKAFRICA in my subsequent campaign. In your next vacation, THINKAFRICA – the people are nice, they are warm, friendly, vibrant, diverse, and full of energy. There’s so much to learn, discover and experience in Africa.

“Africa is not just about the safaris, the jungle as portrayed by media. Rather, the people, the culture and the diversity of the African continent tells a much more interesting  story.

“I have also discovered that Africa is a land of culture. It is rich in diversity, and every step you take, there is something positive to discover and learn,” he said.

Adeyanju recalled that in spite not being able to communicate in  local dialects, some Citizens of some countries he stopped over in didn’t  make him feel unsafe. He said they warmly accepted and helped him. “To me, that is humanity in Africa!”

Adeyanju will auction his powerbike and donate part of the proceeds to charity

Some days ago while in Ghana, Adeyanju disclosed that the bike (which he refers toas ‘Eagle’) will be auctioned once he arrived Lagos. The starting price for the bike is $25,000. Part of the proceeds according to him, will be donated to the Rotary Foundaton toward ending polio.

Kunle Adeyanju previously stated that he will auction his bike for N10 million and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. 

Although the proposed auction date has not yet been set, CRIMMD Museum has stated that it wishes to keep the bike.

According to Kunle, he plans to sell the famed bike for the sum of N10m, part of which he will donate to charitable causes.


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