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Kidnappers, Bandits Engage SIM Card Dealers To Link NIN 


Barely few days after the Federal Government instructed all the major phone service operators in the country to comply with the new regulations of ensuring that everyone using their SIM cards fully links their National Identification Numbers with their lines, it has been revealed that criminals, especially kidnappers, have taken extra steps to connive with new SIM card dealers to deceive intending buyers in exposing their identification numbers, by using it to register the wrong persons, who, allegedly will pay them heavily.                          
The game plan, as revealed, is that when you release the NIN to register the first sim card, they will tell the buyer that the ‘linking’ was not successful and tell the buyer to take another line. If the buyers comply, the first SIM card will be given to the criminals, who will pay them a huge amount.

African News Eye was at a scene in Lagos, when a buyer, on discovering the act, threatened to call the police or report the seller to the office of one of the service providers, the seller then started pleading with the prospective buyer not to expose him, stating that he was acting on behalf of some persons. 

A group of people at the scene, however, intensified efforts and alerted some officials, who took up the matter. A top police personnel, who spoke to African News Eye, advised everyone to keep their NIN and BVN from others.

The Police have, however, given fresh warning to Nigerians that after linking their NIN to their SIM card, they must take note of the fact that they are naked before security agencies, hence, they must guard their SIM cards as much as their BVN and ATM pins.
“If you compromise your BVN and your ATM pin, your money may only be affected, but if you do the same to your phones and SIM cards, you may end up in prison.”
“It is not advisable to help people register their SIM cards. Now that this new system has come, don’t help anybody to register their sim.

“Be mindful of how you give people your phone to make calls or send texts. It’s a mobile phone, let it always be with you.

“Don’t allow anybody to use your phone to login into an account on social media or use your phone to create anything.

“Henceforth, understand that your ‘SIM card’ is as important as your ATM card number, your BVN or your ATM pin. This is because you can be held responsible for what someone did with your SIM card, so be conscious,” he said.


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