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José Mourinho Wants FIFA To Stop African Players Representing European Nations In World Cups, Other Tourneys

The representation and inclusion of Africans in Europe’s teams is in drastic increase across the continent, with no exception of Asia and other continents.

The now-increasing acceptability of African players in these foreign national teams is historic but the sharp adoption was mostly triggered in 2018 at the Russia FIFA world cup, when France won the title with a squad mostly from Africa.

About 70 percent of the French national team then and now are of African descent, with no exceptions of England, and Germany respectively.

With the influx of African players into Europe, the best are selected to represent the host nations. 

These practices are helping euro nations gain more competitive edge on the international stage.

It has, thus, impeded African countries in various ways in attaining football power positions, because of the inability to keep their best to compete with Europe in FIFA organised events.

Calls are now being raised to rectify this situation, close this gap and bridge this inequality. One such individual championing this cause is none other than one of Europe’s most decorated coaches, José Mourinho.

The Portuguese wants FIFA to stop African players from representing other countries other than that of their origin. 

The Special One believes once this is done, African countries would start winning the World Cup.

“I want the world to see that Africa is equal with everyone, Africa are not behind with talent. They have talents to win any tournament, except that most of their best players are scattered around the world playing for other countries instead of their homelands.” – José Mourinho

“I know I won’t be popular for making this statement, but FIFA should make things fair by refusing to let players to represent other countries, this will make FIFA tournaments even more competitive not one sided.” José made that statement in his tour in Africa, carrying out a humanitarian aid in feeding some African “have not class.”

The call for FIFA to adopt such policy maybe a good measure but the adoption of such would be the infringement of the fundamental human rights on an individual. FIFA a body founded on western principles of freedom and liberty, would not put up such to discussion at the council.

The best measure to stop the influx players adoption and African players accepting the invite to represent any European team is to change and improve on the structures and governing of African football, through re-strategising, infrastructure, rebranding, publicity, strong institutions, concrete and dynamic policies and many more, and by extension, sports as a whole.

If African nations don’t get this conditions right and fixed, the call for such would be sham. The poaching of our best talents would still continue into Europe.


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