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Jarikre: Pioneering Change In Nigerian Fashion Entrepreneurship With ‘Handmade in Lagos’ Approach

Jarikre, the trailblazing fashion e-commerce platform, is making waves in the Nigerian fashion industry with its innovative ‘Handmade in Lagos’ approach. This strategy aims to revolutionize the entrepreneurial landscape by addressing critical challenges faced by fashion businesses, both local and international.

Speaking at the launch of the physical store in Lagos, founder and CEO, Alfred Jarikre, stated: “Our vision has always been rooted in transforming the fashion experience in Nigeria. The ‘Handmade in Lagos’ initiative is not just a strategy; it’s a redefinition of how fashion businesses operate. We are here to inspire, innovate, and empower the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs.

Addressing the challenges in the fashion industry, Jarikre stated, “We recognized the struggles our entrepreneurs faced with high Minimum Order Quantities from overseas vendors. The ‘Handmade in Lagos’ approach is our solution – providing unique, customizable pieces that not only meet the market demand, but celebrate the artistry of local craftsmanship.

He added: “High return rates due to non-durable or defective products hinder growth. Jarikre curates a collection of durable, meticulously crafted fashion items, reducing returns and fostering a more sustainable and customer-centric industry.”

Early customers at the official launch of Jarikre in Lagos recently

In another statement made available to Africa News Eye, Business and Partnerships Manager, Oladapo Iyare, emphasized the significance of Jarikre’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and inclusive fashion ecosystem. “At Jarikre, our mission goes beyond commerce; we’re architects of change in the fashion industry. By adopting a ‘Handmade in Lagos’ approach, we empower local artisans and entrepreneurs, rewriting the narrative of challenges into one of opportunities,” he said.

Shedding light on quality, Iyare highlighted Jarikre’s commitment to transparency, saying, “Quality assurance is paramount in the fashion industry. With, we provide a transparent marketplace where entrepreneurs can witness the crafting process, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards before reaching their customers.”

A Customer trying on an item from Jarikre’s collection for men

He also shared insights into the company’s logistics strategy, saying, “Logistics costs have been a burden for entrepreneurs. We actively seek cost-effective solutions, leveraging local partnerships and alliances to make the logistics journey more affordable, ultimately making the industry more accessible.”

As Jarikre continues to redefine the fashion landscape with its ‘Handmade in Lagos’ approach, it stands as a beacon of change, inspiring a new era in fashion entrepreneurship.

With the visionary leadership of Oladapo Iyare and Alfred Jarikre, the brand is not just addressing challenges; it is shaping the future of the Nigerian fashion industry, one stitch at a time.


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