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Interswitch Re-launches eClinic for Efficient Healthcare Delivery

In its effort to provide Nigerians with access to improved quality healthcare services, Interswitch’s eClat Healthcare Limited, an innovative health-tech solutions provider and a subsidiary of the Interswitch Group, has announced the relaunch of eClinic, a healthcare product that will effectively address challenges associated with medical records management.

eClinic is a specially designed patient-focused healthcare service product that transforms the familiar analogue system of record keeping to a digitalized process, where patients’ records are kept secure and easily accessible.

The eClinic platform centralises all records of patients, ensuring their data is within reach of health workers, opening avenues for swift analysis, efficiency, and thoroughness of healthcare professionals in the country.

Speaking on the relaunch of eClinic, Dr. Wallace Ogufere, Chief Executive Officer, Interswitch eClat, said that the introduction of the improved health-tech solution to healthcare system in Nigeria, would facilitate efficiency and enhance the trust between patients and their healthcare providers, as patients are guaranteed of their safety and the safety of their medical records.

Dr. Ogufere said, “The infusion of technology into the healthcare system in Nigeria is one that will certainly increase efficiency, save costs and entrust trust between patients and their healthcare providers. Ultimately, this is the goal of eClinic, among other benefits”.

As a flexible tool, eClinic was created to serve a range of healthcare providers – from small, single care providers to multi-specialist facilities, making it a well-rounded platform tailored to the varying needs of healthcare providers, and complementing existing systems.

The solution was designed with three layers of care providers in mind: the eClinicPHC, which was designed for primary care providers, and the eClinicPlus, designed for secondary and tertiary care institutions, reducing cost for health service providers and retaining data integrity and security.

With the relaunch, the eClinic solutions have new features integrated into it, such as inventory and stock keeping, patient appointment and queue management, medical and insurance billing, assets management, integration to third-party systems via API, quick messaging and notification, medical coding, backup and multi-location support, among others, patients are assured of an improved healthcare delivery process when they walk into their preferred care provider for health-related matters.

“Our focus revolves around the provision of value to both the demand and supply sides of health care—institutions that provide healthcare services and patients who seek these services. Through eClinic, we are integrating inventory keeping, efficient service delivery, sales and accounts receivables into one platform. By doing so, service delivery process is streamlined, and productivity is boosted.”

eClinic was developed with specialised modules that function at various clinical levels such as antenatal and immunisation, aggregating data from different centres and providing a single front for enterprise capabilities.


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