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Great Rivabank Investments Ltd Rewards Customers With Mouthwatering Offers


One of Nigeria’s leading financial services firm, Great Riverbank Investments Limited, GRIL, is rewarding its loyal customers with mouthwatering offers this season.

The promo provides a 25 per cent discount on prices of products and all services to boost financial inclusion in its target market. It is expected to last from July 1 till September 30, 2022.

This is coming on the heels of an earlier successful promo which held between March 1 and May 31, this year.

According to the company’s Executive Director in charge of Markets Integration, Pastor David Adekunle Johnson, this is another wonderful opportunity for clients and customers to reap the rewards of their patronage and investments. He reiterated that the huge success of the earlier promo and the laudable feedbacks spurred GRIL to, yet again, embark on this journey to customer satisfaction.

“We have always been in the forefront of ensuring that our customers are well taken of. As we render financial services which are guided by professionalism, and top-notch delivery with high work ethics which are of global standards, we have always believed in creating a symbiotic relationship between us and our highly valued customers.

“As such, in all we do, we place a high premium on them and continually seek ways to reward them from time to time for keeping faith in us. This is only one of such ways to ensure that we give back to them and show our appreciation by letting them know that they simply are our greatest assets.

“At GRIL, we set out to ensure that our clients reap the rewards of partnership with us and this is yet another testament to that committment. We had a similar promo earlier in the year and it was such a huge success.

“The feedbacks we got equally spurred us to do this yet again, as a follow-up to that earlier venture. We believe that this is going to yield more fruitful results and we implore our customers to take advantage of this window to benefit from this opportunity.”

Johnson added that GRIL specialises in Financial Brokerage Services, Business Advisory Services, Assets Management, Portfolio Funds Management, Credit Card Services and Short Term Loans, among other services. “With all of these, we keep our customers happy by meeting a wide range of their financial needs.”

Great Rivabank Investments Limited (GRIL), is a company registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with RC 670154. Among other things, it was licensed by the Lagos State Government to provide lending services. GRIL partners with 03 Capital Limited to deepen its range of financial services provided in the Financial Services Sector of the Nigerian economy.

Founded in 2006 with headquarters in Lagos State, the financial capital of Africa’s largest economy – Nigeria, West Africa, GRIL has quickly become a leading innovation-driven and consumer-oriented financial services boutique that leverages technology and its unique understanding of the Nigerian business environment to help businesses and individuals alike, attain their financial goals and live their dreams.

Great Rivabank Investments Limited is made up of seasoned Finance, Management, Accountancy and Legal experts with over 50 years of combined industry experience, driven by shared values of integrity, transparency, smartwork, empathy, excellence, high productivity, and customer care that are embedded into every aspect of the service they are offering.

GRIL has stated its interest in becoming the most trusted and preferred financial services provider on the African continent to offer innovative and technology-driven financial products and services targeted at transforming lives and businesses for the best. GRIL organisation is built with core values such as Integrity, Transparency, Smartwork, Empathy, Excellence, Unparalleled Productivity, and Customer Care.

Johnson says, “We also offer a service known as the GRIL Payday Loan, which is said to be your rescue! It’s a loan is designed to take care of your emergency financial worry allowing you to maintain your productivity and performance at work. You can access GRIL Payday Loan within 24 hours! With benefits such as Competitive Low-Interest Rate. What you see is what you get!

“Part of our management’s mantra is, truly we don’t bill people above what is stated on our website because we are transparent and have developed a strong reputation for transparent charges, flexible repayment terms including repayment in your terms as you can choose the repayment options that are convenient for you.

“With Fast Cash, there is no more worry over missing your payment deadline. The funds will arrive your account within 24 hours. We walk our talk! For more, visit our website on,” he stated.


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