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Dani Alves To Be Released On Bail For One Million Euros: Fined And Banned From Leaving Spain

He’ll hand over his Brazilian and Spanish passports

…Dani Alves has changed his side of the story five times: from not knowing the girl to penetration and alcohol

Former Barcelona right-back Dani Alves has been granted release on bail by the Court of Barcelona, pending the final verdict in his sexual assault case. The bail amount has been set at one million euros, and Alves must hand over both his Brazilian and Spanish passports to prevent him from leaving the country.

Alves, who was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for the assault, can secure his release by paying the bail and adhering to strict conditions.

His lawyer successfully filed an appeal against the sentence, leading to the court’s decision to grant bail until a final judgment is reached.

Can’t leave the country

While released, Alves is prohibited from leaving Spain and must report to the Provincial Court of Barcelona weekly. Additionally, he is barred from coming within 1,000 meters of the victim, her workplace, or places she frequents. Any communication with the victim is also forbidden until a final verdict is delivered.

The Court of Barcelona’s decision comes after Alves spent over 420 days in the Brians 2 penitentiary center since January 20, 2023. However, the sentence is not yet final, as all parties involved have filed appeals to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia.

Both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution have requested an extension of Alves’s prison term, while his defense seeks his release.

The outcome of these appeals will determine Alves’s legal status moving forward, as he navigates the complexities of the Spanish legal system amidst serious allegations.



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