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Dad Of 50 Claims He Has ‘Unbeatable Sperm’ – With 15 More Kids On The Way

Sperm donor Kyle Gordy, whose sperm count is six times the average, is offering a new service after being inundated by women

A man who has fathered multiple children across the globe has revealed the newest way he’s donating his “unbeatable” sperm after being inundated by requests from women. Kyle Gordy, 30, from California, US, is known online for his controversial hobby as a sperm donor and is the biological father to 50 children – with 15 more babies on the way – who he says he “loves”.

In a bid to help struggling families, he has offered his services for free and often receives messages from women on Instagram (@kylegordy1234) who want to have his child. But he now has a new method of donating his “tadpoles” – through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in a collaboration with an IVF clinic in the Philippines.

“Essentially, they’ll fly me out there to donate my fresh and unbeatable sperm,” Kyle, who follows a strict diet to maintain his sperm count, said.

“I’ll create a profile for myself, which they’ll put up online, along with some photos and my answers from a basic questionnaire.

“If I’m picked, I’ll likely do two donations at a time and it’s really easy as all the regular testing I do, such as sperm count and for STDs, will be done at the clinic.

“I remember him approaching me two years ago and he already had some type of clinic over there, but I’m not sure what this was for.

“Anyway, he told me his plans about starting up an IVF clinic, which will be an all-exclusive service and they give customers a guarantee they’ll get pregnant.

“I told him my interest for the future and I was planning on going over there, but then COVID stopped me.

“I messaged him earlier this year after seeing his adverts online and he said they were up and running – but they weren’t getting many clients.

“I told him I was happy to donate and I like it because it shows I’m willing to work with a clinic and that I’d do anything necessary to help people feel more comfortable with this journey.”

Kyle claims the process isn’t cheap, with IVF Asia charging an eye-watering $42,000 (£35,000) a pop.

But he says women don’t care about cost when it comes to his sperm, as he believes he offers a service like no other.

He said: “I offer a lot more than what a sperm bank does, as there’s so many issues with them and women can get exactly the same service, but with me.

“I believe I’m so popular because they can get to know me, whereas in a sperm bank, this isn’t the case.

“I’m open with people, very reliable and have many women who can vouch for me as well.

“I always make the effort to go to people, rather than making them come to me and I’m very serious about all the testing.

“Most people only get tested once a year, whereas I typically do these tests up to five times in a year.

“I’m a professional, as I explain the process very clearly on how to do it, as well as how fertile I am and therefore, they have a greater chance of getting pregnant.

“I’m better than a bank, as I’m all about the quality, without the cost.”

Although he’ll never get to meet the new mothers of his children while partnering up with the IVF clinic, he hopes that after seeing his profile and recognising his name, women will choose the option of using him.

Kyle previously shared how he keeps his sperm in “tip top” shape by eating more protein, such as fish and beans, as well as organic greens.

Now, he’s switched up his diet and claims this has increased his sperm count.

Kyle added: “I got my sperm count tests at 242 million per ml, which I couldn’t believe, as that’s up from my previous in November.

“I had 153 million per ml at that point and the average is 40 million, so I have six times the average.

“It’s proved my supplements, such as zinc, multivitamins and fish oil, as well as my diet are working.

“One of my fans recently got me a card which gives me unlimited access to all the airport lounges, including the food and drink.

“Red wine is actually quite good for you, as it has many prospects which help with sperm donation, so I’m allowing myself a glass or two in moderation.

“I’m still figuring out what foods I can have that I’m able to enjoy, but are also good for fertility.


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