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Christ Embassy Healing Streams Live Service Preparation In Top Gear

Recording its 7th Edition, Christ Embassy is set to reach the world globally with the Healing Streams Live Healing Service.

The programme is set to run for three days from Friday, March 17, to Sunday, March 19, across nations of the world at 3pm GMT+1 daily.

Pasor Deola Philips of Christ Embassy, Lekki Church

Speaking at the Lekki Branch, Pastor Deola Philips of Christ Embassy Lekki Church, during her service on Sunday March 12, encouraged everyone to be a part of the programme with full expectation for the miraculous.

Pastor Phillips also encouraged everyone to Register for the programme and prayerfully prepare for the programme.

The programme, which had recorded several testimonies from past editions held, is another opportunity to pray for nations and be God’s outstretched hand to those direly in need of healing in their bodies.

The Man of God, Pastor Benny Hinn, had also prophesied in one of the programmes held by Christ Embassy, that this edition will come with an avalanche of miracles like never before.

Many around the world are waiting with full expectation for the programme.

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