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Bolt Driver Accused Of ‘Bolting’ With Customer’s Cash


Oluwaseun Oti, an entrepreneur, has accused Saheed Olumegbon, a bolt driver, of capitalising on an erroneous cash transfer he made, while trying to pay for a ride.

Oti said he mistakenly transferred N130,000 to Olumegbon instead of N1,300, being the actual amount he was supposed to pay for the ride, on Thursday.

The businessman said he immediately made several phone calls to Olumegbon, the moment he realised his error, but the driver would not respond.

“I got the ride because I needed to take a short trip from Olubunmi Owa Street to Ikate Maiyegun Road, all in Lekki Phase I. The trip, which lasted about five minutes was supposed to cost N1,300,” Oti said.

“Unfortunately, while making a cash transfer to him to pay for my fare, I erroneously added more zeroes than required to the amount I was supposed to pay.

“So, instead of transferring N1,300 to the driver, I ended up transferring N130,000 to him. It was after almost an hour, when I wanted to make another transfer, that I realised the error I had committed. I then called the driver immediately but he refused to pick my calls. I called him for hours, but, he would not pick.”

When Oti contacted Bolt to lodge a complaint on the incident, its customer complaint desk told him to provide a proof of payment.

“After sending Bolt the proof of payment they requested, I have not gotten a response from them till this moment,” Oti said.

After contacting Bolt, Oti also visited the nearest Guaranty Trust Bank branch, where Olajide operates an account, to make enquiries.

It was at the bank that Oti confirmed that Olajide had emptied his account upon receiving the N130,000.

“I was told he had emptied his account and had moved the money into another bank account he also operates,” he said.

“Though empty at the moment, the bank has placed a freeze on his account pending when it is eventually funded.”

When Oti was contacted on Friday to ask if Bolt had reached out to him, he said the company was yet to.

“I haven’t heard anything from them since yesterday. It is quite pathetic,” he said.


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