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Beware Of These 3 Kinds Of People

REV FUNKE FELIX ADEJUMO, co-Pastor, Agape Christian Ministries Inc.

Whatever you are doing in life as regards to living a fulfilled life, you must beware of this three things.

Beware of expired mentors: I call them bad vehicles. Because they were involved in life at the beginning when you were struggling, does not make them your mentors. Don’t try to resurrect what God is trying to remove in your life because most of these mentors want you to remain under them without moving forward.

There are mentors that cannot handle your level because of what you are becoming. Stop following them because they are bad vehicles and they won’t take you anywhere.

 Beware of mentors that are comfortable with the way you are, people that have no foresight; people that are just okay with your present situation.

Locate an Elizabeth that knows the baby on your inside , someone that knows what you carry and he or she is ready to make sure that thing comes to reality.

Beware of jealous colleagues: Jealousy is a rage, that is what the book of proverbs says, but who can stand before envy because envy is a terrible thing.

There are people who cannot manage your success. They will try to belittle you and people that belittle others will be little. Beware of people that are jealous of your success, your promotion, your shining and everything that happens in your life, beware of those people.

Beware of parasitic protogens: If you are in a relationship and you are always the one giving, you are always the one offering something in that relationship, only you is making that relationship to work out; please leave that relationship because that relationship is sick and there is no true love because true love gives.

Ladies, if a man requires to  sleep with you before marriage, please leave such relationship because they are parasitic protogens that are always in for destroying your life.

May God deliver us from all this in Jesus name.


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