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American Televangelist Creflo Dollar Says Tithing No Longer Relevant

American preacher, Creflo Dollar has said that tithing is no longer relevant for New Testament believers, adding, ” I know some of you will not like me for saying the truth. I know I am going to lose friends. But I am okay. “

Dollar declared that he was wrong on his teaching on tithing; a subject that has become controversial in the church in the last five years.

Dollar who has been in  ministry for about 36 years said in a  recent viral video that he had always wanted to make this known three years ago but was looking for the appropriate time .

According to him, the teachings on tithing by many pastors which he admitted was always  what he preached cannot be established as a grace teaching

Dollar who is known for his grace teachings said when Abraham paid tithe, he paid it out of his heart and was not a legislation.

He noted however that what was not a legislation 400 years before the law was now grafted into the law.

According to him anything that does not come out of free will is not the gospel of grace.

“Religion uses guilt and fear to hold people down. That is what the teaching of tithing does”, he said.

The American preacher said he has since experienced a turn around in his finances when he stopped talking about tithe.

“If you notice throughout 2020, I did not peach about tithing, but I experienced a turnaround in my finances. God wants us to give by faith”, he said.

The American preacher said if  the church believes in the teachings of Paul, then the church should study what he taught about finances.

Dollar who is largely  known for his prosperity gospel for decades told his congregation to get rid of books, tapes, videos where he  had preached about tithing.


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