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African Men Don’t Abuse Women, Children – Seun Kuti


Afrobeat singer and social activist, Seun Kuti, has stated that ideal African men don’t assault their wives and children, citing that the African culture itself doesn’t encourage violence against women and children.

According to Seun, persons who engage in such are those who claim African nationality just before they carry out the heinous acts.

The Egypt 80 band leader insisted that those behind violence against women and children are those with European thoughts and possessions, who are only African by location and the little African language they speak.

The post reads: “All these people that turn African just to beat their wives and children……There is no part of African culture that encourages violence against women and children.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child; a woman’s place is in the kitchen’’ are European Abrahamic proverbs. What is the African version?”

Continuing in the post’s caption, Kuti wrote: “What is the African equivalent of these proverbs?

“Please tell me below, because una crase dey do press up! You aren’t African except in location.

“You don’t practice anything African except the small language u speak!

“Your holy land is Jerusalem and Mecca! Your most valuable possessions are your European thoughts and things!

“But as soon as u want to break your equally European wife and child, you claim African?

“Come close I want to ask u something, Are you mad?”


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