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25yrs After, Wike Resettles Abuja’s Largest Mechanic Village


ABUJA, Nigeria – The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike, has initiated significant steps to relocate Abuja’s largest mechanic village, Apo Mechanic Village, to a permanent site, 25 years after the idea was first proposed by the FCT Administration.

Contrary to recent speculations, Wike clarified that there was no deadline for the current occupiers of the mechanic village to move out or risk demolition. 

He emphasized that the administration’s priority is to provide a suitable alternative before any demolition occurs.

Wike warned officials against nepotism in the allocation of new shops, stressing that fairness and transparency must guide the process. The relocation will affect thousands of auto technicians, spare parts dealers, and other service providers, moving them to a more expansive site in Wasa district, a 15-minute drive from their current location.

During the inauguration of a 19-member technical committee on the relocation, the minister, represented by the Coordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Agency (AMMC), Chief Felix Obuah, acknowledged the long-standing uncertainty and fear of demolition among the mechanics. He assured that the administration’s approach is to offer a better alternative before any demolition occurs.

“We have set up a technical committee to enumerate those to be relocated from Apo to Wasa,” said Obuah. “We will ensure that all those affected are accurately documented and verified to prevent any discrepancies. This relocation is not a bazaar; it’s about restoring hope to those who had lost it.”

Obuah highlighted that the process involves several steps, including technical, engineering, and resettlement aspects, which will take around three months to complete. He noted that the new site in Wasa is being prepared to accommodate the displaced mechanics and traders.

The Mandate Secretary appreciated the minister’s alignment with the President’s vision, praising the swift action taken by the newly appointed coordinator. He recounted his personal connection to Apo Mechanic Village, having grown up there after being relocated from Garki. He assured the public that the process would be transparent and inclusive.

The Secretary urged committee members to avoid viewing their roles as mere ceremonial but to engage with the complexities of relocating traders. He expressed confidence in the chairman’s ability to lead the process effectively. “With the support of the technical committee, I believe the FCTA and the President’s renewed hope agenda will be evident in this process,” he said.

He emphasized the importance of building a comprehensive database to prevent double entries and ensure accurate allocation of spaces at the new site. He also encouraged those who are unaware of the process to get involved through their associations.

The technical committee comprises representatives from Development Control, Abuja Environment Protection Board (AEPB), Urban Affairs, Resettlement and Compensation, General Counsel and Legal Services, Lands, Urban and Regional Planning, Mapping and Surveying, Finance and Administration, and the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS/VIO), among others.

Chairman of the Committee, Malam Abubakar Makama, expressed gratitude for the swift actions taken to address the issue, which had lingered for over 25 years. He assured that the committee is committed to a fair and efficient relocation process.

As the relocation process begins, the administration remains focused on ensuring that all eligible individuals are accounted for and that the transition to the new site is smooth and orderly, paving the way for the planned road expansions in the current location of Apo Mechanic Village.


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