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2023: Nigerians Are Suffering, I Feel Their Impulse – Ohuabunwa

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, has decried the spates of killings, dehumanisation and sufferings the citizenry currently go through in the country, saying Nigerians are suffering and needed uncommon help.

The presidential hopeful said he did not belong to the category of aspirants, who were stage-managing their intentions to run for the presidency for the sole of aim of exploiting Nigerians, adding he was competent, equipped and genuinely poised to become the nation’s president, come 2023.

The immediate past president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria stated this in a statement signed by his Media Office, after he submitted his expression of interest and PDP presidential forms, in Abuja.

He said, “I’m the most serious aspirant, in the PDP so far. I have been with the delegates of the entire 36 states of Nigeria, meeting with them one-on-one the second time. You can ask PDP faithful across the states and they will tell you.

“I traveled to Zamfara State yesterday. I have been to Kabbi, Kaduna, Bauchi, Sokoto and even Maiduguri. And I do most of these journeys by road. I’m not one of the aspirants that gather somewhere and say what they are not doing, making it look like they are doing something.

“Anybody who is not serious and committed to solving the problemss of Nigeria cannot do what I’m doing. Anybody who does not feel what the country is going through currently and cannot confront it with courage, can’t not be a better option for Nigeria at this time. The country is going through a lot at this time.

“Nigerians can’t be running away. We need to take back our country. Nigerians are running away from kidnapping, abduction, armed robbery and ritualists. This shouldn’t be happening, and so, we need to confront these things and then take back our country.

“In my little rank as a civilian youth, and not paraphernalia, I have been able to go round the country to see the sufferings of the people, to sympathise with them and encourage them. Nigerians are suffering.

“I have interacted with many Nigerians. I understand what their feelings are. I know what they are going through. And they are not happy they are being f’orcefully’ made to go through these ugly experiences. So, my chances of clinching the PDP ticket are as high as any.

“My chances are very high. So, the question of whether the aspirants are currently 14 or 18 in number, is not the issue. Of course, by the end of the day, water will definitely find its course. It’s noble for anybody to express intention to serve his or her nation, as far as that intention is not borne out of exploitation or not billed waiting taking up appointment by the end of the day.

“If you really have the motivation, that’s fine. Becoming the president of a country, is not a job you just wake one morning and you start making noise about it. It must be something you must have thought about over many months and years with the conviction that you have a vision, the appropriate enlightenment, the competence, the character and the courage to be able to play the role.

“And taking up the role effectively is as a result of successful previous experiences. So I believe I’m equipped, I believe I’m competent and I believe I have the character to serve Nigerians as their president.”


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